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I'm seeing a low signal strength warning on my Juke app

Low Signal Strength Warning

If you see a warning banner for your Juke that mentions low signal on your Juke, it means that the system's Wi-Fi connection to your router is weak and may result in unexpected drops from the network.

Typically, a Wi-Fi signal strength more than -70 dBm is preferred. For example, a -30 dBm signal strength indicates a very strong signal from your router and is sufficient for streaming audio.

To resolve this issue, try moving your router and Juke closer together. If possible, try wiring your Juke directly to your router via Ethernet cable. If neither of these things are possible, it is recommended that you purchase a WiFi extender for your Juke.

If you need to extend the range of your Juke, we recommend getting either a TP-LINK N300 range extender or the RT5370 WiFi adapter

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