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What is Dynamic Mapping?

Dynamic mapping is a feature introduced in firmware version 3.3.0. At a high level, it allows multiple inputs to be assigned to a single zone with the system automatically selecting which one is played. You can also manually override this from within the app and select which input to play to the zone.

For more on this, see our guide below.


Dynamic Mapping Explained

The Dynamic Mapping feature allows a zone output to be turned on for more than a single input. This allows inputs to be set as groupings that can have zones that overlap. For example, one input could be renamed to "Whole House" and have every zone turned on for it, while another input could be renamed "Downstairs Rooms" and have every zone from the downstairs turned on.

Follow this guide for how to effectively use this feature


Enable Dynamic Mapping in the Zone Settings


Set Your Zone Groupings

Turn on any combination of rooms you want for each input and then label that input based off those zone selections in order to steam directly to your desired zones without needing to visit the Juke interface frequently.

See the following example for Whole House Juke


Example of a Second Grouping

Just two outdoor zones turned on for this with the input named "Outdoor Juke"


Sharing Zones

Now given the patio and garden zone are both turned on for "Whole House Juke" and "Outdoor Juke" the audio stream will only play to those two zones if there is no other audio stream being sent to it.

For example if someone is streaming to "Whole House Juke" the zones turned on for "Outdoor Juke" will be grey to signify they are in use from another active stream.


Taking Control of a Zone

Now if I am sitting in the outside area and want to change the music that's being played from the whole house audio stream to my own music,that can be done by hitting the grey square and then hitting "Take Control"

This will override the other stream in that zone and let you begin playing a new audio stream there without interrupting the music in any other active zones.

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